We Offer A Wide Range Of General Dental Services. Here Are Just A Few Of Our Most Common Procedures.


Tooth Replacement

This can be achieved in various ways, such as implants, bridges, and dentures.

Crowns (Caps)

Crowns are one of our most common procedure, our dentists are highly skilled with crowns and will ensure that your visit is streamlined and comfortable. With modern techniques and materials, crowns can now be made to look so natural they are virtually undetectable!

Root Canal Therapy

We do the majority of root canals right in our office. Usually this procedure is indicated when the nerve tissue inside a tooth dies or becomes necrotic. Many times this can result in a painful or abscessed tooth. Our dentists are well experienced in root canal therapy and have a very high success rate. They also make sure your visit is comfortable and pain free.

Composite Fillings

Usually a filling is needed when a patient has dental caries, or a cavity. Generally we use composite material to restore cavities because it comes very close to matching the natural tooth and doesn’t cause cracking or have mercury in it as alloy fillings do. All of our composite material is BPA free!


Occasionally teeth become non-restorable, usually due to a fracture or extensive decay. Most of our extractions do not need a referral to an oral surgeon. As this can be a stressful experience for patients we also offer many anxiety reduction services to make comfort our number one goal.